Christmas Wreath

How to care for the wreath:

All handcrafted wreaths at Halo & Honey are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. All wreaths are all sprayed and sealed with a UV and water protectant. If you choose to hang your wreath outdoors, it is best to use under a covered area. Be sure to bring your wreath inside during harsh weather especially extreme winds.

To keep your wreath looking brand new year after year, be sure to store it in a wreath box or bag in a dry place. If you do not have a wreath box or bag, simply cover with a light weight plastic bag (loosely tied) attach to a hanger and place it on a garment rack.

When removing your wreath from storage, use a blow dryer on low and cool heat to eliminate dust, then gently fluff the blooms and leaves. If you don’t have access to a blow dryer don’t fret! Using a soft damp cloth is a good alternative. Just be careful not to tug too hard on the blooms as some are more delicate than others.

Although our quality wreaths are sealed with UV/water resistant spray, we do not recommend hanging your wreath between your storm door and inside door. Many times, the glass will act as a magnifier and temperatures between the doors can become hot enough to melt the hot used to assemble the wreaths. We recommend you hang your wreath on the outer door using a wreath hanger or for best effect, a plastic hook.


-All wreath contents are for decorative purposes only and are not edible

-Keep out of reach of children

-May contain sharp edges and must never be consumed. Keep out of reach of children.